• Sun don't Bother Me

    I want to thank all the guys that came out last Saturday to our Steelhead Workshop.  It was fun to see a great group of guys willing to learn, and become ambassadors of our fishery.

    It seems as though, the weather may finally be turning on us.  We are still having some colder nights which are giving way to some warmer day temperatures.  With the increasing air temperatures and fresh rainfall we should continue to see our spring run fish make their way into our river systems.  Fish will begin to switch from slow deep water to faster water moving water.  Keep in mind to not rule out the wintering holes, just keep your options open when trying to find fish.

    The spring trips are filling fast, so if you want to get out this "spring" make sure to get ahold of us.

    We slow the music down to a an artist who recently visited Cleveland - Ryan Bingham, some awesome country jams.


    The OSD Crew

  • Hot Fish...Hot Jams

    So this one is kinda heavy.  Please, if you enjoy a good jam while hitting the river I want you to press play and work through some of the shots below. I love to fish, and coinciding with that, is making sure that there are some hot jams setting the stage for the day.

     Richard below set some high standards for us this week and that half smurk/grin can sum up an emtion of, wow did that fish just grace me with its presence.  Yes it did Richard, and what a fantastic fish it was.  

    We were also fortunate enough to catch up with a couple guys who besides being from the Pits#$%5g area were pretty classy guys.  It was a great day with some awesome weather and some nice fish brought to the net. Mike shown below has spent many of days chasing wild PA trout, but after a couple days chasing Steelhead, I think a new 7wt rod may be in his near future.

    Ed Ringer doing some wrangling ^

    Awesome fish Awesome guys

    I'm in to high fives

    -The best is yet to come-


    OSD Crew

  • Free Tying Classes

    With Spring in the air, The Backpackers Shop is ramping up their tying schedule. Last week was tube flies, taught by Donny Richards with the help of Jeff Liskay, and Eric Lindstrom. All the spots in the class were filled and some pretty fishy bugs were tied.  Throughout the spring The Backpackers Shop will be holding free tying classes for all to attend. Below is a link to the upcoming classes and schedule.  Look forward to seeing you there.



    It has been a whirlwind since the new year rolled in. My apologies for the lack write ups and just plain lack of fish pics. We had a great fall and are looking forward to the spring.

    As some of you may know we recently teamed up of with The Backpackers Shop in Sheffield Village. This is an exciting time and we look forward to the opportunity.  With this partnership we are going to start unveiling plenty of tying classes, steelhead schools, casting clinics, along with some awesome destination travel opportunities. You will be able to view all the dates for the events via the OSD website and The Backpackers Fly Shop website. We also encourage you guys and gals to check us out on the OSD Facebook.com to get the latest up to date reports and info.

    Getting on to the important stuff, the Rivers have crested and are on their way back to fishy levels. Look to Sunday as a possibility of getting out, if you don't mind some colder temps. As of right now you may be able to find some fish moving into some faster water but, I would try to stick to your slower moving areas, such as deep runs, pools, and tail outs.

    Last weekend some of us got out and enjoyed the weather.

  • Sandy was a Mean Mother

    Well we wanted rain and we got it. Hurricane Sandy blew up the eastern seaboard and dump a whole bunch of rain on Ohio.  

    Flooding out most of NE Ohio's rivers, Sandy forever changed them. When the river's get such a forceful blow much of the river can change.  Your old reliable fishing hole may be a thing of the past or that piece of water you hardly ever fish, may have turned into something special. 

    Below is a bunch of pictures from over the past week.  Lets hope mother nature doesn't turn down right cold and she gives us more time to hit our local waters.